Saturday, October 30, 2010

Having Fun Yet?

I sure isn't always that I get to play with templates like this. You know most of the time I make LO's with a place in an album to tell a story. Once in a while I love to make one, just because it's pretty. This was such an occasion...and I really like how it turned out. I'm enjoying using Jenn's templates. This one is from Blueprints #1 and everything else is from Studio Gypsy. Quite a list so go to the gallery HERE for links to the goodies. I seldom us only plain paper/ cardstock on a LO...and the verdict is still out on this one. I do think some damask print peeking out would be lovely. I'll sleep on it and see how it goes.
Also : I only scanned the picture and used as is, not adjustments, no fixes (see the tiny crease top right? That is a real one. I love this colour on it too, beautiful sepia.

ok I have a house to clean and more goodies to play with....catch you later!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm in a mood for Christmas

Early I know, but it happens every year. I think it is because by now I have a nice pile of gifts, really to bundle off to far away Christmas trees and a nice stash of gifts waiting to be wrapped hidden in a closet....the days are cooler and the wood fire i so cozy on a cold night. I'm compiling a list of Christmas themed movies in my collection (I do stretch it a bit to include anything snowy ;-) ) and am looking at gifts-in-a-jar ideas.

Yup I'm gearing up...only problem is that I often am 'over' Christmas, by the time it rolls around :D  Welcome to my wacky world.

But I digress! What I really wanted to show you was these two LO's I made this week. Studio True Blue (aka Jenn) opened it's doors today at ScrapbookGraphics and I got to play with some of her super duper templates, and naturally seeing as Christmas is all around me already...I made 2 Christmas LO's Soon I shall have 'finished' scrapping these pictures for my family....but I have at least one more 'set' to on the LO title to go to the gallery for links to the products!

Goudini Christmas 1959 (Goudini is a place in South Africa...and I was not yet a light in my parent's eyes at this point .....) The kit is HoHoRetro by Studio Gypsy

and a year I am the little one for my 1st Christmas I too was cute once ;-) The kit is Country Christmas by Studio Gypsy. And if you really read all this talking you may be interested to know I have a freebie on the blog featuring this kit HERE The kit preview is gone, because Lisa moved stores and I have not taken the time to reload all the previews...untidy house keeping, I know...

So go out and grab something special and scrap up a storm this weekend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 000 hits...WOW

That is amazing!

Thank you all for stopping by! I had thought of a little mini kit for a celebration, but you gals moved much too fast for me so all I did manage to whip up was a QP freebie for you... it is all autumny and I made it with the beautiful collab by Rina Kroes and Kimberly Stewart 'Creekside Lodge'

hmmm why do I always notice mistakes (on the preview) when it's too late.....sorry about that, but I think the QP is fine ;-)

and a close up of the Page Set :

Please note that the page set is a small part of the Creekside Lodge Collection (QP albums, frames, clusters, borders, journal tags etc etc) Do yourself a favour and take a look HERE 17 products in all.

Download you QP freebie HERE

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Naturally Male - New U Build It Collection - Rina Kroes

The new U Build It (UBI) Collection is in the Scrapbook-Elements store and both Rina Kroes and Kimberly Stewart have contributed a wonderful collection of goodies -see Rina's UBI HERE and Kimmi's UBI HERE.

I used the UBI Collection -mostly Kimmi's stuff- for one of my P365 pages : Week 40

The colours as well as the theme : Naturally Male means that it is very useful for me. What with all the nature pictures I scrap and having a house full of guys, the frilly flowery froth is reserved for my and my sisters' kiddie pics. ;-)

One of the Muses (the combined CT for Rina Kroes and Kimberly Stewart is known as the Royal Muses) Bon, made a set of wordart for us and it is my great pleasure to offer that as the freebie for today. The goodies used for these are only from Rina's collection....hang tight and we'll spoil you with a treat from Kimmi soon!

On the preview you can see small previews of Rina's Naturally Male UBI Collection. These items are all priced at $1-$2 only!

Download your freebie wordart  HERE  Thank you Bon!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 42 - 2010

Where did the year go? I've pretty much decided that I'm going back to doing a monthly page for next year's albums. monthly with extras thrown in. And I'm already sorry. I'll miss these weekly ones. better not hink about it too much as I may change my mind again, and again, and again, and again.....

Week 42 - I'm loving these colours! :D I know the picture of the moon does not look like much here, but it was spectacular! And the baking....well that was waaaaaay too tasty hehehe

Looks like I may just have another freebie for you in a day or two, so watch this space!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Mist...

...the mere title of the page set conjures up wonderful images and smells! Studio Gypsy released this beauty
"Autumn Mist" a little while back.

and I used it to scrap the chrysanthemums on my deck. What a show these beauties were putting on!

I went ahead and turned the page into a freebie for you. I hope you like it!

Download you freebie HERE

I'm in the mood to dig through my stash of treasures and create something FUN....have a great weekend every one!

Week 41 - 2010

I can hardly believe that week 42 out of the 52 weeks in a year has just gone by (page coming soon) wow...52 weeks looked very very faaaaaaar away back on January 1st!

Week 41 is still full of fall colours. It is looking really pretty around our place right now. We've had some glorious sunny days when those colours just GLOW! Rain in the forecast for the weekend. probably just as well as I have Christmas gifts that need to got in the mail to far away places. And a couple of pages to catch up on. Sounds like a great weekend ahead of me ;-) I'm looking forward to it already!

Be back a freebie to wrap up for you too :D

Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 40 - 2010

I delayed posting this a bit, because I wanted the stuff to be in the store before I post this here. The goodies I used are part of the new 'U Build It' Collection " Naturally Male" over at Scrapbook-Elements. The only exception is the clustered frames. (Click on the link to see the full credits)

I used a border from Rina Kroes' Collection and all the rest is from Kimberly Stewart's Collection (with the exception of the single pine cone....there always has be a be at least one exception...right?)

I really enjoy going out picture hunting this time of year.(I say that every season, don't I ?!?!) The colours are so delightful and all those fungi aka mushrooms just BEG me to photograph them. They call my name, I'm sure of it!

Week 40 - 2010

Sunny and bright here today...but it does mean it's pretty nippy outside...which of course makes an evening in front of the woodstove is twice as cozy :D

Catch you later gators!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christmas Presents Anyone?

Yeah that's right! Christmas present time! I always start early in the year to allow myself enough time to ship the gifts overseas. By 'normal' standards I'm running a bit behind, but not too badly!

Of course it helps tremedously when something falls in your lap, ready this : Kimberly Stewart's A Year of Printable Calendars - 4x6 - Garden Angel  - thank you Kimberly!

I so enjoyed making this....and I'm confident my sister will LOVE it!

Whoot! One down a few to go :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

All dressed Up....

...and nowhere to go! LOL...well what do older siblings do on a long boring Sunday afternoon? Dress up lil sis of course! Lil sis being me...and I don't looked pleased at all ROFLOL. I never look at this picture without being amused. See my grandma's legs there in the background? She was reading the paper sitting with her feet in the sun. She used to love doing does my mom ;-)

You can find the links and credit info HERE , but I can tell you that most of  the goodies I used are from Rina Kroes' items for the U Build It Collection at Scrapbook-Elements The items in the UBI Collection all coordinate and this collection has work from 11 designers. Next friday (15/10) this 'Simply Feminine' collection will be replaced by a new collection. 'Simply Feminine' will continue to be available, albeit at slightly higher prices in the 'Past Offerings' area of the store.
The rest of the items on my page are also by Rina Kroes and include a newsletter gift and items from her Marsmallow Collection

and here is just one of Rina's 'Simply Femine UBI items in close up : Lacy Page Borders

Lace and flowers....aaaaaaahhhhh.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 39 - 2010

Spider alert!

There is a spider picture on my warned my intensely-dislike-spider friends ;-) This little girl was building her web right outside the kitchen window, so I had ample time to be fascinated by the precision with which she goes around, attaching each strand perfectly in it's place! A marvel indeed!

And how do you trim the branches of a tree that tall? Well you make an ingenious plan of course...that's my man : always a clever solution to a problem :-D

And every page has blurred friends faces :-)...some things are predictable, right? We had such fun playing 'Mexican Train' (domino game)...and I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely those very easy to make beads turned out...polymer clay is such fun to play with!

Click this heading : Week 39 for credits (the colours in this kit are so nice!)

I have a rotten cold..grrrr....predictable with the changing weather, but stil....scrapping and sneezing don't go well together ;-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 38b - 2010

Here we go...the rest of  week 38 in pictures! I was downloading my Scrapper's Guide Premium Club goodies this morning and just loved the look of the Premium Kit 'Thankfully' by Krystal Hartley. So this is what I used for my page. The cluster is by Gypsy Couture (n/a) and the beaded words/dates are by Kimberly Stewart. The credits are HERE

It was so nice to have the open fire ban lifted, we had to 'celebrate' straight away! Always knew there was a good reason for the rain ROFLOL!
Oh and look at me sorting through letters and cards. I hate throwing letters away, but I could clutter a small room if I kept all the snail mail I get (I have great family members who write actual real letters to me!) I figured, that the battle of the paper clutter has to be decided, and I have no intention of loosing ;-) Oh and we celebrated our anniversary too and the mums on the deck are stunning! Just one mass of blooms.

I'm enjoying my Saturday, I hope you are too ;-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 38 - 2010

When I sat down to do this page, I realized that I had way too many pictures for one page, and I have way too much to I decided to make 2 pages for this week. This is page one and only has pictures for Friday and Saturday.

Week 38 a

I used an older Page Set and  Danglement from Rina Kroes' "Some Enchanted Evening" Collection I put the beautiful clustering of the Danglement on the edges (some of it will be trimmed off in the book printing process) for instant borders....and I love the result. Flowers and girls galore on this page for sure!

Here is the Page Set ...I doubt it'll ever get 'old'

And while I was having fun with flowers I indulged myself in making a very florally page for my own book.
For this one I used a bunch of goodies from Rina's Marshmallow Collection. The Stacked Papers, Borders, a cluster frame, and a couple of mini kits. You can see the collection HERE and the specific links are HERE

Yesterday I went picture hungting with my camera - the days have been so beautiful : warm and sunny. We can almost forget it is October....and autumn!

Have a great weekend. I hope to get scrapping done, what about you?