Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 04 - 2010

Well I have a LO with new Gypsy Couture goodies ready (and the QP freebie just needs a preview made!) so hopefully I can post that tomorrow, but for today here is my Week 04 for this year! Whoot!

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

For credits please go HERE and the template by ChrissieW you can find HERE

Now I'm really going to try to get the freebie up for you by tomorrow, but seeing as we are celebrating a family member's birthday today....weeeellllll it may just not happen!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guys Goofing Around

I love it when they do it ;-) In case you can't read it...Jon is wearing glasses as this was taken about 10 days after eye surgery and his eyes were still very sensitive to light.

I used Gypsy Couture's "Tommy's Garage" for my page. Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

Friday, January 22, 2010

P365 Week 03 - 2010

Whoot! 3 in a row! Now if only one could make these pages in advance....hehe..actually I have considered making QP's for the job...I wonder if it will work? For those weeks where you just don't find the time kwim?

Anyhow here it is and you can find a full list of credits HERE  Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

...not a favourite thing for me to do. Like fixing or renovating. I leave that to my hubby, who can turn a piece of seeming junk into something beautiful/useful/pleasing to the eye.

But sometimes a little bit of mending on the inside of us is necassary too. The stormy weather takes it's toll and 'things' just wear out a bit over time and we need to pay it some attention. This is what this page is about : reminding me to make time for the mending process.

Credits and links can be found HERE

I used Gypsy Couture's new 'Grommet Flowers' and 'Krafty Alphas'

The page was done for the Art Journal Caravan over at Scrapbookgraphics and is also featured on my Art Journal Journey blog.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Crown Anyone?

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

Well it is hard to act like a bum when you are wearing a crown right? So I shall remember that I am a daughter of the King of Kings...and act more like it! LOL (I need smilies for these blog posts, really I do)

For this LO I used Gypsy Couture's new release for last week (Thursday) called Spunky Explosion. It is just totally delightful. I've been a Gypsy Couture fan for a long time, and I tell you, LisaMarie is just going from strength to strength. I really get excited at the prospect of every new release, because I KNOW it is going to superb.

Also :  Lisa has some items in the Two Dollar Tuesdays at the Digichick today (everything in this category is priced at $2), and these items, of Gypsy Couture's, will be going into the retiring section at 50% off after today's deals. Don't miss these. You can find the goodies HERE. (one of Lisa's is on the previous page)

And on Thursday there will be a couple new items from Lisa....but next week : oh put your pennies aside now! Lisa is launching her new 'Altered Couture' line....I'm doing a happy dance, and you are welcome to join in!

It was time for a new freebie too, wasn't it? Well I made this last LO into a QP for you. Enjoy!

Untill I figure out how to link images with this new editor for'll have to click HERE to download.

Off to play some more....

Monday, January 18, 2010

I did find this one :

Well I didn't get round to doing anything this weekend, expect visiting with I have nothing for you myself, BUT I can tell you to zip over to Kimberly Stewart's blog for this QP! ;-)
Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

Made with Winter Blessings, the same kit I used for my Week 02 page in the last post.

Well here's to a brand new week...and the calendar is filling up fast!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 02 -2010

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

And here is the second week of January. It has been busier than I had hoped, so I didn't get some stuff done I had hoped to (like catching up on some kits of Gypsy Couture's that I had missed). Still, it's been a good week and here are some snippets from it.

You can see the credits with links HERE

I'll see if I can put together a little freebie for you over the weekend...but I won't promise, I hate breaking promises and good intentions. Instead I'll just try my best ;-)

Have a good one!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 - Week 01

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

I don't promise to post all of them...I don't even promise to do all of them, but once in a while one may hit the blog ;-) (click  HERE to go to the gallery for credits and links)

Out of all the LO's I did last year, the 3 months worth of Weekly LO's are for me the most fun to look at, again and again. So I know that even if I only manage bits and pieces, those will be worth it for sure. I will probably use templates for the most part, and whatever kit/s are at hand at the time. I'm trying to keep it simple and manage able.

Let's see how it goes...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Art Journal Journey

I joined the Art Journal Caravan over at ScrapbookGraphics this week and decided to start a different blog for posting art journal pages : Art Journal Journey. It is not limited to challenges and prompts resulting from the 'caravan',  but will house whatever I may 'come up with' LOL. It is brand spanking new, with all of one post....but that will change soon enough. I have not even decorated paint splats, no masking tape, nothing! So if you don't mind bare bones....drop on right in! (I'll make you some coffee if you like....;-) )

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up The Mountain

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

I was not familiar with this song (by Patty Griffin), until I heard Susan Boyle sing it and it sounded like a pretty good summary of a lot of what 2009 was like, so I figured it would make an excellent intro page to the 2009 album. You know : the ups and the downs : but in there is hope and there is future, fun, happiness!
Jesus never promised us a bed of roses, but He promised to always be with us.

Gypsy Couture (aka LisaMarie) has this wonderful new kit in her store today 'Change of Heart' It has a delicious altered feel to it, something I greatly appreciate.

and here is my page :

I enjoy making altered books in real life, you know with paint and glue and 'stuff' and have been wanting to get into digi altered as I like the idea that stuff don't crawl out of the cupboards threaten to overwhelm me all the time. You know I think I have enough accumulated 'treasures' to keep a group of ladies in supplies for making a project each (hey! maybe that is an idea?) BUT I really don't want to keep on hoarding stuff, now how else will I get to make my fun stuff then? Why digital of course!!! So I'm going to give it a try and see how I make out. I may hate it, I may love it....won't know till I try, right?

It is almost weekend! Have a good one!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Year in Review...

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

and here's the last of is surely much easier to do these throughout the year...LOL
Sunny August :
September :

October... he may look 'cool' in his shades, but really, after eye surgery those shades were really necessary!) The month wordart I found on Rina's blog.

and the last one for today is November : this time I got the wordart on Kimmi's blog

I'm pretty pleased to have finished the year up. Now I plan to add individual pages for specific events or maybe some nature shots, however the main points of the year are documented and I`m not going to stress over doing the extras RIGHT NOW!
I'm off to write a letter, and hopefully get to some more scrapping later. Gypsy Couture has a new kit coming out tomorrow and I would really like to work with it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

And more Year in Review

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

I'm pleased with how these are turning out! I must say though : I'd like to think these are quick to do, but they really aren't. I get all carried away finding interesting elements to plop on the, and then I remember to keep it simple is better for these kinds of LO`s....hehe. And of course I keep finding so many pictures! Especially in the summer when we tend to take many more pictures than in the colder months (at least it seems to be that way)

For the May Page I used the template found on Rina's blog. I just had too many pictures to show. Those interesting coloured paper pieces behind the pictures are from the template's shapes. Very nice indeed. I decided to keep everything else really simple as the LO was plenty busy enough already...

The June page is a Quick Page to which I just added a few pictures (as I was saying...) but I found it beautifully suited to the task. It left me ample room for 'rambling' and I love the colours! I think Marilynne (who made the QP did an excellent job! Thank you ;-) )

Now about the soft toys and my guys...they are amazing with those 'animals', born puppeteers, I keep telling them. It does help that the stuffies have lots of 'character' to start with of course...

I bit hotch potch, this one. I thought I would save myself time and use multi frames by Cathy Krenek. The frames are fine...but I'm not sure I like the way I worked with them. But that is the way it is going to stay...I'm not changing it (I think)

I dug through my stash of freebies for papers and found a pile of ones really suited those these kinds of LO's. That was fun, digging through the old goodies (and a great opportunity to delete, delete, delete the unwanted/ no longer needed stuff!)

8 done and 4 to go.
While I was making a card last night, I just fell in love with this one kit ('I Dreamed of Poppies' by Bren Boone) all over again, and made an impromptu LO. I'm so glad to hear Bren will be returning to designing soon. (Edited to add : I see this is already avaialable over in Bren's new store HERE )

well, I do have 4 more reviews to make....
Have a good week!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in Review : More LO's

I'm on a roll and hope to keep the momentum up! 6 down, 6 to go...I'll give you 3 more for today : (click on the images for credits please!)

and December...well I had the pictures right there and the Quick Page (from Rina's blog - see this post) and so I decided to just go ahead and make it, and post it! Past is past right? ;-)

I have one page to check for spelling and 6 to go.
Wishing you a GOOD 2010 (that reminds me of what the beavers told the kids in Narnia (Lion, Witch & Wardrobe) about Aslan : He isn't safe, but he is good....may your year be good.