Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 39 - 2010

Spider alert!

There is a spider picture on my warned my intensely-dislike-spider friends ;-) This little girl was building her web right outside the kitchen window, so I had ample time to be fascinated by the precision with which she goes around, attaching each strand perfectly in it's place! A marvel indeed!

And how do you trim the branches of a tree that tall? Well you make an ingenious plan of course...that's my man : always a clever solution to a problem :-D

And every page has blurred friends faces :-)...some things are predictable, right? We had such fun playing 'Mexican Train' (domino game)...and I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely those very easy to make beads turned out...polymer clay is such fun to play with!

Click this heading : Week 39 for credits (the colours in this kit are so nice!)

I have a rotten cold..grrrr....predictable with the changing weather, but stil....scrapping and sneezing don't go well together ;-)

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