Wednesday, February 23, 2011

January 2011

At last! So much to catch up on and the days just fly past. This morning the snow started and we have a nice amount on the ground. So much so a function I was planning to attend tomorrow, was cancelled. Sad to miss that, but glad to have more hours than I planned for this week!

It is time to start selecting the pictures for February, but at least I'm up-to-date for January. Alas I've not managed to catch up on previous years as much as I would have liked to, but we'll soon fix that.

For now here is the second page for January 2011.

I also did this one today, that I am pleased with :

Ok time to write a letter to my sister and hopefully more LO's tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wintertime - January 2011

My first page for this year's photobook. I had a bit of a delay getting this out. My computer was sick (scared me real bad!) but all looks good now...I hope it lasts, will take me a while to relax surfing the net I'm sure.

January 2001 - click link/image for cedits. This is 12x12 (easier for CT stuff) but the photobook will have a 9x12 page.

Got more catching up to do...see you soon!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Family Pictures

I was just looking at a disc featuring family pictures taken at the end of last year and the picture on this LO was taken in the early fifties. What a joy and privilege it is to have cameras, pictures and captured memories. Distance is no longer an obstacle either. Pictures zip around the globe in no time at all. Just on the weekend I got a set of pictures from friends that they had taken at our house back in the 80's. Wow! The memories! friends, games, the apartment, the books on my shelf. A real trip down memory lane...

For my LO I used a QP found over on Rina' Kroes' Reluctant Recluse blog.

It features Rina's new 'Cherished' Page Set.

Rina has several items that make up the Cherished Collection. Do take a look, it is beautiful! And Add-Ons are coming this Sunday the 13th!!

See you soon!