Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Family History - a Photo Book

Long time no hear from me!

I did not plan to take a 3 month break, but life got busy and computers gave me trouble....but I'm back!

And today I'm back with another page in the Family History Photo Book. This book has been in the making for many years, and I think by the time I get the pages uploaded for printing, I'll be looking at more than one volume. For now I'm just working away at the pictures. I think I have all the pictures collected in one spot by now though. What a job! But interesting too - no doubt about that!

It's been really interesting to read some of the novels written by a niece of mine, relating the stories of some of our ancestors. In this photograph I recognise some of the people mentioned in the latest book in the series. That is really very special!

I used Cathy Krenek's 'Time For Wine' kit for my page. One can never have too many flowers and when the picture is 'all girl' I have to restrain myself from adding copious amounts of ribbons, lace and flowers! Right now this is available as a grabbag, I'm sure that will change next week. I'll be back to fix broken links by then...

Time For Wine

The Bundle is available HERE  and the kit alone HERE. All the bundle pieces are available separately in Cathy's store

Monday, June 12, 2017

Colouring - Escape To Wonderland

I'm still colouring in 'Escape to Wonderland' by Goodwives and Warriors. I posted the first batch of pages HERE.

Here's a few more pages - I've used a combination of water soluble pencils (Derwent & Inktense) and Crayolas for most of them. I find the paper takes water well, it buckles but not so much as to make the reverse hard to colour. I also find that I prefer the more waxy pencils for this paper. They seem to lay down better than the harder leads do.

This double page spread was quick to do with all the black ready printed. I will add a bit of glitter glue later on when the bumpiness of the glitter will no longer interfere with the colouring of subsequent pages. This stars will need some sparkle, but I would actually like to get my hands on some glow-in-the-dark paint for those.

A riot of colour. The only way I can work in a limited palette is to choose colours and then hide the rest of the box. For this one I just reached for whatever colour I fancied most at the time! I did doodle a frame around the text. Just because.

Tiny areas to colour, so I did a quicky with water colours rather than spend lots of time sharpening pencils

For this Cheshire cat one I was considering giving it a solid black background to make the colours pop. I still think a deep purple or indigo blue background could look really nice with this, but for now I'm leaving it as is. I doodled a basic banner around the text. 

With great effort I kept this 'coin' within a limited palette...

This one was fun to colour! Such a goofy image for a goofy concept - I mean do fish walk on their tails or do they hop?

I intended to lay down a wash of colours and then added pencil over top of that 'snakey Alice' but then I liked it well enough as is and decided to leave it. A sky behind might look nice though and it will hide the faint shadow shining through from the other page next to her head.

A great page for colouring. I like the perspective and the large shapes. Reading that line in a normal voice is almost impossible...

 I hauled out my ink filled waterbrush yet again for the background on this page. Love how it turned out. The black makes all those colours shine. And I used every colour in the box for this one. And then some. Including gold.

And so the fun journey continues in this and other books...

Friday, June 9, 2017

Giant Acorn...

or cute little box?

The other day I just wanted to make something for the fun of it...now I have a tiny little gift box as a result! We had a dry sunny day, sadly so far a bit rare this spring, so I headed outside for a few bright pictures.
The papers are from a Christmas themed paper pack I picked up a few years ago from Michaels. The cardstock is from a Recollections multi-pack

The box is straight forward and easy to put together. Using patterned paper is optional, but I think lining the rounded shape with paper, even be it plain card stock, is a good idea to mimic the smoothness of the nut.

The finished size of my box is 3.5" (9cm) excluding the stem. The total length is 5" (almost 13cm)  At this size I used letter size card stock, but of course one could easily scale it up or down.

The box measures about 2.75"(7cm) in diameter across the opening

It is the perfect size for a small gift of jewelry or even just a little snack. A collection of acorns each containing a different coffee or chocolate, all piled into a bowl would make a great gift. It would also be a practical container for a hostess gift.

 I will definitely have to give that pinecone a try...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Friends Who Laugh....Last!

Too true... and sometimes all you need is a simple little card to celebrate such a friendship. I used water colours to add colour to the card base and added splatters for good measure. Playing with water colour is so much fun! I also have these little bits of patterned paper left that are too small for a card front, but it was perfect for a pop of colour on the card front. A die cut piece of lace adds a little bit of texture and the sentiment strip gives my laughing friends something solid to stand on. A few sequins added the final touch of fun.

The stamps are from the ArtImpressions 'Girlfriends' collection. The image (that never fails to bring a smile to my face) is from the set  'Laughing'  and the sentiment is from 'Comfy on the Couch'

I'm entering this card for the ArtImpressions - One Layer Ladies challenge. There's just a couple days left to enter, so come on over and join us!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

With Love Sprinkled on Top...

For once I made a card 'just because' with no particular person or purpose in mind. I should do it more often...it was rather fun

I used a digital image from Tiddly Inks 'Happy Bugg and Extras  I coloured the little 'bug' with coloured pencils and added glitter to her wings and the cup cake. A strip of patterned paper makes the wooden floor for her to stand on.

All in all it was super quick to finish and a great little project to colour when you have itchy-fingers-for-colouring and only a little time to spare.

I did a sort-of imitation of the font on the inside of the card. The sentiment is included with the digital set if you prefer to print it. And some fairy dust ended up scattered all over the inside of the card as well...

A fun and quick card, perfect for colouring on the go!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sharing a Cuppa

Such a great image! And suitable for different occasions. I turned this one into a 'friends' card.

Colouring the image was quick to do using water soluble pencils (Derwent) I also added die cuts, punched floral details and a little glitter glue to the dots on the teacups

The image is from Lili of the Valley - Coffee Break.  The sentiment I found online and printed it using the font 'Pea Ana Banana' (free for personal use)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Colouring - Lost Ocean

Another book that I picked up from a local store was Johanna Basford's 'Lost Ocean' - I was concerned about the tiny areas of some of the designs, but really, once I started colouring, I hardly noticed those. I enjoy every minute of colouring this book.

The theme is right up my street
The designs are beautiful
I like the crisp white and fairly smooth paper of the pages which takes harder pencils beautifully.

The verdict is still out if I will add backgrounds to these. I was planning to, but liked them once finished and decided to wait-and-see.

I used a silver Sharpie for the dotted details on this one

I'm having the hardest time getting good colour on the picture of this page. So many details but I enjoyed saturating every area as much as I can with lots of delicious colour.

This was the first page I coloured, feeling my way around the paper with different pencils and some gel pens.

Another longer colour project - whimsical underwater fun!

This was a quickie using Derwent Metallic water soluble pencils for the base layer and dry pencil over top.

Soft pastel colours from the Noris Club pencils by Staedler (which I do not like, simply because I like my colours bolder, BUT they sure do beautiful colour blends!) I added glitter glue details to each jelly fish.

Delightful pages that took quite  a while to colour, but I do like the double spreads.

Another Noris Club pastel one. In retrospect I think I would have liked a smaller colour palette for the seahorses...

This is one book I would really like to colour completely. And who knows, it may just happen!