Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Working in The Garden

Ha! This picture of our oldest son always make me smile! He looks so goofy....and I'm sure he intended that! The gardening efforts were not too successful, but the fruit trees and flowers were adequate compensation for the lack of vegetables.

I used Cathy Krenek's "Garden Grown Bundle". It is chock full delightful little goodies to make many wondeful LO's. Actually, it would be easy to make an album using only this collection.

I'm linking here to Cathy's store at GottaPixel, but it is also available at her Gingerscraps store (the store is closed at the time of writing, for upgrades) All the parts of the bundle are available separately too.

Do you have any cute/goofy pictures of the kids in the garden? Go ahead and scrap them, then you too will have a smile on your face when you look at them in years to come.

Monday, June 23, 2014

1941 - Friends

Kimberly Stewart recently released another kit that just begged me to scrap some vintage photos with - "
"Maybe -The Kit"  The colours as well as the elements are exactly what I like and Kimberly's papers are always beautiful.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Family Heirloom

This picture featuring my Great grandparents is particularly special. My sister and a distant cousin calculated that this picture was taken in December of 1892, which means that Great Grandma is carrying my Grandma (who was born the following February) Yup, that ‘bump’ is Grandma. Isn't that amazing?
My cousin is writing a series of books on some of the women in my family, all named ‘Sophia Charlotte’ and since she knows our history pretty well, I’m sure they are right about their conclusion. Pretty neat stuff!


I used the “Artless Collection” by Lonetta Avelar for this page in my family history album. Gorgeous stuff!

I turned my page into a Quick Page for you. Get the freebie HERE. Sorry for the mistake on the preview! The collection/kit is called Artless not Artful *blush*



Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summertime - Splash!

Ah yes...wonderful summer holidays at the beach! How we loved those family vacations at the seaside. My mom, bless her heart, took many pictures of us having the time of our lives.
This was taken at Port Edward on the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Many moons ago. I'm thinking about 1964. That's little me there in the front LOL And we are ready for a day of sea, sand and fun!

I used a kit by Cathy Krenek Designs "Splash" for my LO. Love all the little goodies in there, but those flip flops make me smile!

The bundle will be available shortly, check out Cathy's Store
I also used the Flair Pack and the dark blue Alpha


I also turned the border into a freebie for you. So get the kit, drop the border, some pictures and elements on there and enjoy those memories a little longer!

You can download the freebie HERE

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Digging into my treasure chest...

...That would be my chest full of old family photographs. To be sure I have converted the real box and album into a virtual folder on my computer, but the treasures are just a precious!

Like this one featuring my Grandparents with my Great grandmother, and a few of the ladies in the family who all share the same name as Great grandma.

I used the beautiful 'Riveting' Kit by Lonetta Avelar (Creative Victorian Design)

Beautiful stuff!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back again...sort of...

Well that took long enough! The computer issues took longer than expected to resolve, but here we are back in business. I've managed to do some scrapping in the meantime and I've had time to make cards and some other fun things. Check out the Paper Crafts tab above this post to see what I've been up to in the 'box making' department 

I have done some scrapbooking too. More LO's to come soon.

But now first...dinner!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Computer Woes...

Sorry folks, I'm experiencing some computer hassles. The desktop is in 'hospital' and the old laptop is suffering away when I use Photoshop, hence the lack of posting.

Hope to be back up and running soon! (but I have been saying that for a week ;-) )

Happy scrapping! :D