Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sharing a Cuppa

Such a great image! And suitable for different occasions. I turned this one into a 'friends' card.

Colouring the image was quick to do using water soluble pencils (Derwent) I also added die cuts, punched floral details and a little glitter glue to the dots on the teacups

The image is from Lili of the Valley - Coffee Break.  The sentiment I found online and printed it using the font 'Pea Ana Banana' (free for personal use)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Colouring - Lost Ocean

Another book that I picked up from a local store was Johanna Basford's 'Lost Ocean' - I was concerned about the tiny areas of some of the designs, but really, once I started colouring, I hardly noticed those. I enjoy every minute of colouring this book.

The theme is right up my street
The designs are beautiful
I like the crisp white and fairly smooth paper of the pages which takes harder pencils beautifully.

The verdict is still out if I will add backgrounds to these. I was planning to, but liked them once finished and decided to wait-and-see.

I used a silver Sharpie for the dotted details on this one

I'm having the hardest time getting good colour on the picture of this page. So many details but I enjoyed saturating every area as much as I can with lots of delicious colour.

This was the first page I coloured, feeling my way around the paper with different pencils and some gel pens.

Another longer colour project - whimsical underwater fun!

This was a quickie using Derwent Metallic water soluble pencils for the base layer and dry pencil over top.

Soft pastel colours from the Noris Club pencils by Staedler (which I do not like, simply because I like my colours bolder, BUT they sure do beautiful colour blends!) I added glitter glue details to each jelly fish.

Delightful pages that took quite  a while to colour, but I do like the double spreads.

Another Noris Club pastel one. In retrospect I think I would have liked a smaller colour palette for the seahorses...

This is one book I would really like to colour completely. And who knows, it may just happen!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cross Gift Box

I made this quick and easy gift box for a friend recently.

It is definitely suitable for Easter, especially with the lily added as in the example from the store.

My Scrap Chick's Cross Gift Box

I wanted a add a note inside, so I lined my box with a decorative paper

And added the note, like a scroll, inside.

The result was just what I was hoping for.

I decorated the box with a collection of Petaloo flowers. The lace strip was made with caulking and a mold.

I will need to use that lily sometime too, it makes a beautiful flower!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Great-Grandma's Sewing

What a treat it was to hold and photograph these handmade aprons. Great-Grandma Scheepers made them early in the 1900's sometime, with beautiful neat and tiny stitches.
That corner chair was what she would sit on to work. It has a handy storage area underneath the chair. Very clever - and very comfortable to sit on.

I used Cathy Krenek's  Handmade With Love kit and separate Accents collection for my page. The kit has a lovely old fashioned feel to it which I just love!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Colouring - 'The Magical City'

Taking a look at 'The Magical City' by Lizzie Mary Cullen this week. I got my book as a gift, but as far as I can tell, Amazon carries it in most places.

I started with this page of 'Baker Street' or Sherlock Holmes, whichever way you want to look at it and found it to be a most enjoyable colouring journey. I really like the intricate line work and the overall design is first class. I started this in the holidays and enjoyed taking my time in colouring all those tiny areas. The paper is quite smooth and white, which makes it great for harder pencils and seeing as the harder ones keep a sharper point I found them a pleasure to use in this book.

For this delightfully quirky version of Bruges I used Crayolas and added some loosely drawn lace to the bottom corner as I simply cannot think of Bruges, but remember the gorgeous Belgian lace produced there.

Trying out the Prisma Colour Scholars on 'Amsterdam' below. I was not planning on buying these yet, but they were heavily discounted and hubby said 'why don't you get them?' I couldn't really find a good excuse (how hard did I try, you may ask?) so I did and although I have not done a whole lot with it, so far so good. They are definitely superior to the Crayolas, that much is obvious. But again, this smooth paper really likes the harder pencils. The wax from these soft ones builds up quickly on the slick surface.

I tried wet media on the paper and it worked well enough - seeing as most of the illustrations cover the whole page, a bit of wrinkling and buckling will go largely unnoticed I think. And it doesn't bother me at all.
For this 'Castle on the Hill' page I used Inktense and Derwent water colour pencils. However I messed up big time on the little stream and surrounding areas, and this was as much as I was able to rescue it and fix the mess. For now anyway. There is no glass for this to hide behind so if I think of something else to try, I sure will...but just look at that nice image to colour! Just looking at it makes me want to pick up pencil and book and colour the afternoon away!

I did add some dry pencil to this over the wc pencil layer (mostly Crayolas) just to add a bit of depth in places. Once the water media dries, the paper has basically no tooth left, so there is not a lot of detail one can add with dry pencils.

I'm busy on a few more pages in this book, so we'll revisit it sometime in the future.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Floral Fresh Greetings

A little birthday greeting for a friend - another spring birthday!

This time I used the 'Summer' digital stamp from Lili of The Valley.

For this card I decided to remove the outer frame/border all together for a more 'open' look. Instead I blended some pigment inks onto the edges of the card to act as a frame.

The image was coloured using Derwent water colour pencils and colour pencils and I added a variety of die cut and punched pieces.

I used tiny flower punches and floral sequins as embellishments so as not to overwhelm the beautifully delicate sketched digital image.

For the polka dots on the dress, I mimicked the dotted designer paper using Tulip dimension fabric paint. Only do you see that squiggle on her shoulder? That was a mistake...the paint leaked out as I was getting ready to place that first dot! Yikes! I decided to leave it. It almost looks like it was intended to look like that!

All I can say is that if you're going to make a mistake, this is probably the best kind of mistake to make!

I bought the whole set of Seasons Girl digital Stamps and look forward to colouring the rest of them.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Colouring - Alice in Wonderland

Ever since I first read it, the stories of 'Alice in Wonderland', and 'Through The Looking Glass' have amused me (I cannot say the same of the recent, and few years older movies based on the characters - but I shall say no more about that here) What amuses me is the seemingly randomness of the connections and the crazy reasoning she get's up to in the stories. Reminds me of the sort of thing that happens in my dreams.

Naturally I was interested to try the 'Escape To Wonderland' colouring book by Good Wives and Warriors. I got mine from Amazon. And although I cannot say I like every single page, I certainly like the majority of them and am enjoying the process of colouring the story in sequence, which I thought might be a different way to go about it, rather than the random way in which I colour through other books.

I took the book and a pack of 24 Crayola Pencils (I know right?!?) with me when I traveled last year and I had a blast. The pencils performed beyond what I expected, and together with a 12 colour set of water colour crayons (Caran D'Ache) I was set for any picture in the book.

The title page - I did this one before leaving home to experiment with different media and pencils to see how the paper would handle it. I really like the paper in these books. It is sturdy, and off white, takes limited water well and stands up to some rougher treatment just fine. I also like the size of the book, which was a deciding factor in my taking it along while traveling.

This double page spread is so far definitely my favourite page. I think the design is outstanding and all those flowers were a joy the colour. The solid black background really makes those colours pop. I often add a very dark or black to the background of a page, and really have to watch myself that I don't do it too often

Here is a page was done using the water colour pencils - sometimes I just need to get away from my usual bright, saturated colours. I also find it much easier to do the details with a brush than to have to continually sharpen pencils to get into those tiny places.

Here's a good example of a page that was a 'groaner' and I might never have coloured it, had I not decided to do the book in sequence. Now that it is done though I really like it and I must admit that it was indeed enjoyable to do. - Just look at that waxy crayola shine at the top!-

The 'Bayeux tapestry' double spread was a great page to colour...I did use quite a bit of gold gouache paint on this one. I would have liked to add more layers in the back, but the paper had had enough at this point, so I had to move on.

I'll be posting more finished pages at a later date. I'm halfway through the book and still enjoying the journey. I seem to be much faster at colouring than I am at taking pictures....