Art Journal

I started a blog featuring art journal pages a few years ago. I thought I would link off this blog page to that blog. There is also a link on the right hand side of the main page on this blog (the Scrapbooking page)

Art Journal Journey 

I started the above blog when I joined the Art Journal Caravan. The first one to run. It was all very well done, but got too much 'me' focussed along the way. I want to journal about more than just myself. I particularly enjoy making pages inspired by quotes.

I also enjoy making journal prompts. These are useful for those days when you are not too sure what you wan to do...but you want to do 'something'. That's when you pull out a card, and are inspired by the thought(quote) an image or just a word. Works really well! I make mine slightly bigger than an ATC. Basically print them as a 4x6 photo, cut it in half and stick the two pieces back to back. I store mine in an altered pencil box tin. (of which I don't seem to have a picture right now. I will update this post with one soon)

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