Friday, October 18, 2019

Puzzles - Coral Sea

Cobble did it again! Thank you so very much for sending me this gorgeous jigsaw. I enjoyed every minute of putting Coral Sea, a 2000 piece stunner, together. I found it for me just the right balance of being challenged yet always succeeding when I sit down to puzzle. I do this only for relaxing not to be frustrated.

Making a start on my large made-by-hubby puzzle board. It was only just large enough for this 2000 piecer. I usually do 1000 piecers just because they are a more convenient size for me to work with. However, now that I know it fits the 2000 piecers...there is another Cobble Hill on my wish list. (Four Seasons)...just sayin'...

Finding the edge pieces, or at least most of them, took a while and I will probably store them separately for next time.

Making progress...and look! I found Nemo!

Looking good, even if the sunlight is making a glare on the left. Sunlight is much sought after in my neck of the woods this time of year, so no complaints from me!

All done and just look at these details!

What a joy to discover this little seahorse at the bottom of the image...put a smile on my face.

There is a seam, if you go looking for it, where the 2 sides of the puzzle join. Quoting from the Cobble Hill website : 'Please note that 2000 piece puzzles are two identical cuts of 1000 piece puzzles, but flipped in reverse. While normally, no two pieces are alike in our puzzles, the 2000 piece puzzles are an exception at this time.'

Scarcely noticeable in the final piece though.

And yes, a bit of puzzle dust. It does not bother me, but if it is something you dislike, giving the pieces a good sifting in a sieve or colander, will take care of that. I think it's a bit like builder's dust. It's brand new, so of course there will be dust!

Over all, I am a big Cobble Hill fan. I have a good collection of their puzzles, but this puzzle was not provided for review purposes, this is an honest opinion and I gladly give them an 'Excellent' rating!

I like the thickness of the pieces and how well they fit together and I like the neutral grey colour of the cardboard. The matt linen finish with a slight texture feels luxurious and the colours are vibrant. I like that there is a poster included, showing the bit of the image hidden behind the logo on the top of the nice strong, good quality box.

The partial image on the side of the box helps me find the puzzle I'm looking for easily, when these are stacked on a shelf.

A couple more Cobble Hill puzzles on this blog:

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Jigsaws- Oldies and Goodies!

I took a trip down memory lane when I recently dug out these old jigsaws to do them again. I'm not sure how old they are. To me they have just always been around and my older sisters could not help me with dates, but we are looking at late 50's or early 60's for sure.

They are both around 500 pieces. I had to leave the boxes behind when I brought them home as my poor suitcase just could fit one more bulky thing, but I am so glad I did bring them 'home' to be with me!

The village scene is missing 2 pieces...

Both marked which is interesting, probably my Mom did that. At least one knows not to go on looking for that piece!

Just look at all the detail in this charming scene.

This snowy image had me dreaming for weeks of snow. I was convinced there is nothing prettier in the world than snow and could not wait to experience it. Turned out it took a couple of decades before I eventually did, but to this day I love snow!

This one is only missing one piece. I still remember how impossibly difficult I used to find this puzzle!

Charming little detail...

Some pieces individually, are impossible to guess what they may be a part of!

Most enjoyable be repeated at least annually!