Monday, August 12, 2013

She Lived to be a Hundred

My Great Grandma did.

I took this picture of her out of my Mom's photo album in May. I did have to fix a few small things in Photoshop, but on the whole the picture is in very good shape. I think my Great Grandma was 90 when this was taken.
What is really neat, is that there is a relative of mine who is currently writing a series of books on some of my ancestors, all called 'Sophia Charlotte' The first book is already available (I read it on the plane coming home) and more are in various stages of production. I'm looking forward to the second one, which will hopefully be available by the end of the year! Right now the books are only available in Afrikaans. If you know Dutch or Flemish you'll be able to understand it too and the blog 'The Sophia Charlotte Story' is mostly Afrikaans too. One day the books should be available in English too. There is a link to buy the first boek here.
Long story short, the lady in this LO was also a Sophia Charlotte. I wanted to honour her here on my blog. She was quite the woman...and her legacy lives on.

I scrapped the page with items made from my stash of CU and 'customizable' (actions/styles etc) goodies.

One of my favourite designes, Gypsy Couture (Lisa Hankins) is returning to designing. I'm soooo happy about that and look forward to catching up with my Project Life/365/52!
Doing the happy dance. ;)