Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hybrid Cards - New Baby

I have no stamps that are particularly suitable for a new baby type card, so the logical alternative for me was to go 'hybrid'. By that I mean using digital images (in this case digital scrapbooking supplies) and making a real life card from it. Besides, my old (very old) printer died recently and I wanted to try the new one for size!

I started with a digital kit by Kristin Aagard. To me,  nobody does 'cute' quite like Kristin does. I'm sorry I don't have more reason to buy/use her cute designs! (even so I have more of her goodies than I probably need...)

I used her 'Peas in a Pod'


I designed the card in Silhouette Studio, working on a card base from LD - Step Cards. Which worked just fine. 

The front panels for the card I designed in Photoshop which enabled me to add shadows to some elements. That meant I could reduce the bulk seeing as both cards were to be mailed internationally. For a hand delivered card, it would be much nicer to make it more dimensional!

I used the 'print and cut' feature to get the Cameo to cut the elements for me. The light wasn't good when I snapped this quickly, with the tablet, but you get the idea.

All that was left to do was to assemble the bits and pieces.

The alpha letters used for the names are also from the digi kit.

The only item actually popped up with a bit of foam tape, is the little bear on the front.

I like how it has the illusion of dimension even though it is flat for easy and safe mailing

I added a sheet of pink copy paper to the back of the cards as I did not like to look into a 'black hole' when the card is opened.

I was very pleased indeed with the results. And that printer? It is welcome to stay with me in my studio!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sweet Treat Birthday Card

A simple - meaning no fussy - birthday card. This one came together super quick. I was done before I started! Ha...and as I used the heat tool to dry the water colour paint it came together even quicker. Using the heat tool also prevented the colours from bleeding on her top. There was a lot of water there at the time.

I used the Cupcake BFF's set by Art Impressions for the card

In the end all I had to wait for was for the glitter glue frosting to dry.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tri-Fold Card

I've been wanting to try these Try-Fold card stamps from Art Impressions for a while, so when Jo-Ann's had a sale on recently I decided to get one set.

This is the set I used :  Garden 

I did the colouring with coloured pencils.
I added a tiny flower stamp to the pot of flowers next to the bench, and also sketched in a few birds flying over.

I love all the little details in the images.

The free loose style of drawing of the stamps lends itself beautifully to water colours, which is what I plan to use for the next time I use these images

I am very pleased indeed with the card and I definitely have more of these stamp sets on my wishlist now!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Birthday Wrap Cards

When I received a parcel wrapped in this brightly coloured paper, I knew I had found the 'designer' paper for my next card!

All I needed to add was a stamp or two and pinking shears.

For the first one I used an image from Penny Black's 'Bubbly' Those furry friends are having waaaay too much fun celebrating!

For the next one I chose another stamp from Penny Black's 'Bubbly'

And for this last card I used an image from 'Every Which Way' also by Penny Black
On this one the wrapping paper shows some creases, but I really don't think that matters, do you?

I added an (older) Provocraft  Happy Birthday stamp to the side, popped the balloon up with foam tape and attached the tag to the card with a raffia style bow.

I'm making good progress on building up a good supply of cards and enjoying every minute of it!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Miss You My Friend Cards

Just posting a couple of simple little cards. Cards do not need to be elaborate to bring a smile or a bit of encouragement.

I've been digging into my older paper bits and pieces. Cards are such a good way to use up little scraps and strips! I thought this forlorn looking little dog is a good picture to go with the sentiment(which is an oldie from Provocraft) The stamp is from the 'Bubbly' transparent stamp set by Penny Black and I coloured it with coloured pencils.

Another quick and 'simple' card for when one wants to send a note - the image (again coloured with colour pencils) is from the same 'Bubbly' stamp set.  The sentiment is by BoBunny from the 'Sentiments' set.
I used a punch for the edge and decorative scissors to cut the circle. All old style, but since I have the tools I see no reason not to use them. :-)

I'm off to take more pictures of more cards. I've fallen behind on the 'cards' page...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Yearbook - May 2015

Getting on with building the greenhouse. It was a big job, but turned out so nicely...more pictures coming next month LOL.

I used the kit and one alpha from the 'Go Camping' Bundle by Cathy Krenek for my page.

I'm already looking forward to having this book printed. The yearbooks are soooooo nice to hold in your hand and look at again and again. They are also very helpful when trying to remember what happened when!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Backyard Wildlife

Finding a 'bunny house' full of babies surely must be a highlight for any summer!

I used Lonetta Avelar's gorgeous 'Backyard Oasis Collection' for my page.

As always the parts of the collection are available separately too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

'Girly' Freebie LO's

Many thanks to Debbie from My Digital Srapbooks for using the freebie kit 'Girly' and QP for these 2 LO's!
I love how they turned out! Great use of the 'white space' on the QP.

The kit is still available HERE and the QP HERE

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Year of Projects - May 2015

As far as knitting and crochet work goes, May has been a quiet month indeed!

I bordered the afghan blocks with the light colour and joined the blocks, but having the large knitted piece on my lap is too hot for this time of year, so I'v packed that away for the next few months at which point I will decide on the final size (do I add more blocks?) and do the edging.

It is pulled all out of shape here, but you get the idea.

I did manage to get a bit of sewing done, and would have finished, but for the planting/gardening that just had to be done first. Hopefully I can finish this this week - really not much to do now. I made the top from quilt room scraps gleaned from a place we were at where folks made quilts to give to people in need of a bit of warmth. The scarps were too small for quilt blocks and it took me a long time to piece this together, but it was interesting. I added stamping to tie it all together. I'll add more detailed pictures when it's done and I have better light for a clearer picture. (yes, I've never been scared of a bit of colour LOL)

I also unpacked the cross stitch project that I started many years ago. One thing after another had caused this to stay on the shelf for many years. (like the pet parakeet that would sit on the frame and grab the needle every time it pokes out the top. And if she couldn't get that...well any other part of the piece is fair game. I liked her company so I didn't want to shoo her away. I know...pathetic but true hehehehe) Maybe I'll make progress on it this year? I think it's a nice project for a Sunday afternoon.

Finally I got a few balls of yarn to work on mittens for gifts and I did make the May 3D crochet snowflake :

Queen Anne - it's a pretty one and so far one of the larger flakes. So far so good on this monthly challenge!

Recap of the list and I do confess that I had forgotten about that 'smile' project...ugh! how COULD I?

My Year Of Projects  To Do list
My list is very flexible I’m ‘afraid’ I’m forever changing my mind mid-stride ;)

  • I would like to finish the afghan started early in December (that's the one featured above) Coming along with 12 blocks done. 12-15 for the final count with some borders also to be added. Put to rest until the weather turns cool again. The finished blocks are joined and bordered.
  • I want to knit 2 pairs of socks -yarn bought for first pair, just need to decide on pattern. Undecided on the pattern. I was hoping for something to knit without too much concentration. I might have found the pattern...
  • At least 3 pairs of flip-top mittens (2 will be gifts) I changed this to 2 pairs of mittens and one scarf (done)  Yarn bought for the first pair of flip tops (yay)
  • Completed 4 pairs of fingerless mittens (all test knits)
  • Set of 12 3D snowflakes, from the book 'Dimensional Snowflakes' Making them 1 per month at least. (5 done)
  • Smile project (mystery ;-) ) hoping the new pattern will work! - haven't tried the new pattern yet.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Visiting Wintershoek

A couple of truly special pictures : My Great-grand mother with my oldest sister on her lap and the same sister with my grandparents.

I used the kit collab 'Seize The Day' which is the free daily download over on the Gingerscraps blog for the month of June.

 Downloads are available for 5 days so it is super easy to collect the kits and they do not disappoint. Head on over to the blog HERE to start collecting this beauty!