Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yearbook 2013

I did my Yearbook for 2012, but was not happy with the way it turned out. I was going for something different....blah.

This year I started again....and just could not decide what to do. Again I did not like what I saw.
But I really wanted to try something else!

So when M&M Designs posted a guest CT call, I applied...and got accepted! Mel designs templates and multi picture templates...right up my street and right for catching up on these last 2 years worth of  pages!

Here's January 2013.

I used  M&M Designs' Crisp Autumn Templates v6 and Kimberly  Stewart's - Garden Angel Mini

I used another template from M&M Designs' Crisp Autumn Templates v6 and Kimberly Stewart's 'Little Snow Angels' Kit.

It is a pity that I had to blur some faces, but that cannot be helped!

 I don't expect to get too much more done until late in October. We're moving...we're moving HOME.

That sounds so good! The last two years in California have been good though. Very good.

'Home' will also mean that I will be able to do more scrapping and freebies again. At least that is my every intention!