Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yearbook - June 2011

So far I'm able to keep to a 2-pages-per-month average. I feel I'm able to keep up just fine that way and that everything that needs to be documented, is. It will probably take me a few more months though, to get 'free' of the desire to do a picture-a-day album. ;-) Click on the picture/link for full credits to products used!

So here is June Page 1  I find nature shots irresistable...

and June Page 2

Right now I'm working hard on catching up on recipe cards. I also host the recipe card exchange over at Scrapbook-Elements. This month we are doing desserts. Here is my contribution (make one card get all the submitted cards see the forum post for details) This dessert is delicious. Easy to change flavours to suit what you have in the house, or to suit your meal. Yummy indeed!

Panna Cotta        

I used  Rina's Sweet Taste of Summer Page Set     I also used this and other bits from the Sweet Taste of Summer Collection for my first June Page pictured above.