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Baby Knits


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I learnt to knit before I went to school...and crochet when I was in elementary school. I cannot imagine never doing anything as relaxing and refreshing. I simply have to do this on a regular basis or I feel the withdrawals coming on. (usually a restlessness is the first sign).

I do have quite a few patterns and pattern books of my own, but have, in the past, relied pretty heavily on magazines for patterns. Sadly that seems to be a bit of an old fashioned way of getting patterns nowadays. I still run to the library for help. Be it a book or magazine, but like most other people I assume, I have found the internet to be an increasingly bigger source for patterns, help and information. Like when I needed to know what size a US 7 needle would be if I want to use my needles bought decades ago in South Africa and the UK.

I bought a skein of wool(yarn) a couple years ago, with a pattern for the cutest little boots (for baby) on the band. Sadly I found myself unable to crochet these very simple little things from the pattern. It was written in such a way that it made absolutely no sense to me at all and only frustrated me. Not good. I abandoned the bootees - that was a first for me : abandoning a project because I could not master the pattern. (I knitted from french magazines without knowing french - after all you only need to know the key words to know what to do!)

However, the story ends well. I used the skein to crochet a little hat for a new niece. Win-win!
Sadly, I did not take a picture of the completed project.
I know.
Can you say DUH?!?
But it turned out great (just like the one on the picture) I found the pattern at Lacy Crochet : Cashmere Crochet  Baby Hat

I did take a picture of the little flower though ( I might use that for a different project one day) Mine is a little smaller...I had only just enough thread left to send a little along with the hat. One never knows when a bit may be needed for mending! And it was rather nice that we used the same colour of wool (yarn) too!

So thank you very much to Olga over at Lacy Crochet for this delightful pattern! Check out her blog - she has lots of great free patterns as well as some for sale!

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