Thursday, November 21, 2019

Winter Time Cards

Did I ever have fun making these! All the stamps I used are digitals from the Lili of the Valley Shop

For the snowman trio I used patterned papers from my stash, an assortment of dies, ribbon and stamps from various sources. I pulled out whatever would work with the images. All the colouring is done with coloured pencils.

For the next 3 cards I used the same approach, pulling out whatever I thought would work with the images. The back grounds were made using the embossing folder technique where one uses wax paper in the embossing folder and then iron card stock over the wax paper. This leaves you with a beautiful resist pattern to ink blend over. I used dye inks for blending.
I also added bits of cheesecloth on these and a few hand stitches to the one with the stocking. The colours used are right up my street and the entire process was most enjoyable. The images are so precious...

You'll find :-

The single snowman is HERE

The Rabbits in the Stocking is HERE

The Girl and Robin you can find HERE

Get them from :-  Lili of the Valley Shop

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Winter Trio - Sure-lox Puzzle

I enjoy doing puzzles with snowy scenes. I think that oldie from my childhood set my love for them. You can read more about it one HERE.

Several years ago I picked up this one by Sure-Lox called Winter Trio from a local store. This was my second time doing it and I enjoyed it very much. It is not the easiest to do, especially when not pre-sorting the pieces, but one never gets the feeling of going nowhere. I like to puzzle that way : challenging, but achieving.

Lovely painting here of this magnificent buck...

The pieces fit together well, although I did find that several would fit, and many more would nearly fit, into incorrect places. I did have to double check many and found several incorrectly placed.

However, I was more alarmed by the box, which is made of very flimsy, thin card, and the tape that just peeled right off and would not stick down anymore. I did re-tape it, but it is a good thing I store my puzzles in zip locked bags as a rule.

This one is a keeper and is going straight back to join the others in the cupboard to be enjoyed again in the future.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Cuckoo And Friends

What a fun title! Made me smile, as did the puzzle. It was a quick one to do and very enjoyable.
Great job on this one Cobble Hill!

It was quite easy to sort the pieces out by individual house, as there was enough subtle variations in the colours to tell them apart.

Love the close up of the cuckoo clock! And I really like the branches on the wall in the background. I breaks the solid colour and certainly adds interest.

And just a little more information about Cobble Hill puzzles from the back of the box...

Happy puzzling!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Remember When

My favourite kind of scrapbooking is working with old photographs. Sure I do enjoy keeping those photo books up-to-date with what's been happening in our lives, but oh...those oldies...

For this wedding picture page I used a new kit by Cathy Krenek (Cathy K Designs) called Reminiscing. I mean just look at gorgeous is this?!?

Oh and heads-up...there will be freebies for this one. Cathy will post them on the blog or share them through her newsletter. Find them and sign up HERE. They may not be posted when you read this, but check back later, they will be!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Colouring - Tropical World - Millie Marotta

I did this page for a colour challenge on a group on Facebook. The challenge was to use greens and a maximum of two more colours.

I'm pleased with how it turned out even if looks like nothing particularly impressive here. Being a double page spread, it makes quite the impact in real life.

It was an enjoyable colouring - the shapes being large and open and the limited palette is always fun (to me)

I enjoy colouring the art work by Millie, the lines are clean, I like all the line work inside the shapes with the option to colour each small area or simply colour over top of the lines, treating it like a large shape.

Millie Marotta - Tropical World