Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hybrid Cards - New Baby

I have no stamps that are particularly suitable for a new baby type card, so the logical alternative for me was to go 'hybrid'. By that I mean using digital images (in this case digital scrapbooking supplies) and making a real life card from it. Besides, my old (very old) printer died recently and I wanted to try the new one for size!

I started with a digital kit by Kristin Aagard. To me,  nobody does 'cute' quite like Kristin does. I'm sorry I don't have more reason to buy/use her cute designs! (even so I have more of her goodies than I probably need...)

I used her 'Peas in a Pod'


I designed the card in Silhouette Studio, working on a card base from LD - Step Cards. Which worked just fine. 

The front panels for the card I designed in Photoshop which enabled me to add shadows to some elements. That meant I could reduce the bulk seeing as both cards were to be mailed internationally. For a hand delivered card, it would be much nicer to make it more dimensional!

I used the 'print and cut' feature to get the Cameo to cut the elements for me. The light wasn't good when I snapped this quickly, with the tablet, but you get the idea.

All that was left to do was to assemble the bits and pieces.

The alpha letters used for the names are also from the digi kit.

The only item actually popped up with a bit of foam tape, is the little bear on the front.

I like how it has the illusion of dimension even though it is flat for easy and safe mailing

I added a sheet of pink copy paper to the back of the cards as I did not like to look into a 'black hole' when the card is opened.

I was very pleased indeed with the results. And that printer? It is welcome to stay with me in my studio!

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