Wednesday, March 18, 2009

" Spectacular Moon"

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

We have the most amazing view of the moon as it rises, and although the picture doesn't do it justice, it serves as a reminder to us of this spectacular sight.

In the spring and again in the fall, in particular, the moon is so big and so stunning. The night we took this picture, the sky was painted in these beautiful blues, pinks and purples as well. I wish I had a camera that can really capture it all!

But even so, I'm glad for this picture, that will be something to help us recall this in years to come.
I used a new kit by Gypsy Couture "Midnight in the Garden" for my LO. It is available at Lisa's PlainDigitalWrapper Store.
I found it hard to decided what to choose out of this kit for the LO! I kept having to remove items as the picture called for something uncluttered, but I reeeeeeally wanted to use all the lovely goodies! LOL. As it is I combined two papers to make the smaller paper square....yummy stuff indeed...who needs candy with so much eye candy around?
I feel another LO coming on...
And if you check back tomorrow, I'll have another new kit to show you, and another freebie QP!
See you then!

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