Monday, March 30, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

Wow! What a busy weekend!
It is celebration time over at Scrapbook-Elements. They are celebrating 5 years in business and we are having a bunch of challenges happening. I've seen some amazing prizes being offered! Come on over and check it out!
I am hosting a Treasure Hunt
I took a scenic drive through the store and collected 25 items in my treasure chest. These items here used to put together this rather unusual 'scene'
I invite you to browse the store and see if you can list all 25 items for me. (this does not include the 4 pieces of paper that I used!)

And I have prizes galore : There is a participation gift : for any list that is submitted to me, even if you don't have 25 items on there :

and for getting 20/25 items correct....I'll give you this :

Find and correctly list 25/25 and I'll add this to you package :
and while you are 'digging' find where I got the papers from....and I'll give you this :

And that should give you a fine helping hand towards getting some scrapping done! You'll need it as you'll be spending some time in the store, finding all the goodies! LOL
The challenge runs until April 4th....come along and join us.
You can find all sorts of other challenges in this thread. And did you notice the Sunday Afternoon Collab Kit in my previews? That is a free with purchase deal...and it is beautiful :

Till later....happy hunting!

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