Sunday, January 3, 2010

And more Year in Review

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

I'm pleased with how these are turning out! I must say though : I'd like to think these are quick to do, but they really aren't. I get all carried away finding interesting elements to plop on the, and then I remember to keep it simple is better for these kinds of LO`s....hehe. And of course I keep finding so many pictures! Especially in the summer when we tend to take many more pictures than in the colder months (at least it seems to be that way)

For the May Page I used the template found on Rina's blog. I just had too many pictures to show. Those interesting coloured paper pieces behind the pictures are from the template's shapes. Very nice indeed. I decided to keep everything else really simple as the LO was plenty busy enough already...

The June page is a Quick Page to which I just added a few pictures (as I was saying...) but I found it beautifully suited to the task. It left me ample room for 'rambling' and I love the colours! I think Marilynne (who made the QP did an excellent job! Thank you ;-) )

Now about the soft toys and my guys...they are amazing with those 'animals', born puppeteers, I keep telling them. It does help that the stuffies have lots of 'character' to start with of course...

I bit hotch potch, this one. I thought I would save myself time and use multi frames by Cathy Krenek. The frames are fine...but I'm not sure I like the way I worked with them. But that is the way it is going to stay...I'm not changing it (I think)

I dug through my stash of freebies for papers and found a pile of ones really suited those these kinds of LO's. That was fun, digging through the old goodies (and a great opportunity to delete, delete, delete the unwanted/ no longer needed stuff!)

8 done and 4 to go.
While I was making a card last night, I just fell in love with this one kit ('I Dreamed of Poppies' by Bren Boone) all over again, and made an impromptu LO. I'm so glad to hear Bren will be returning to designing soon. (Edited to add : I see this is already avaialable over in Bren's new store HERE )

well, I do have 4 more reviews to make....
Have a good week!

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