Monday, March 9, 2015

Year of Projects - Week 10

It's been quite the productive week, but the 'revealing' will be slow in coming. I wrapped up more test knits. One (another pair of mittens) I can only show you once the pattern is available.

I can however also share the last test knit, that pattern has now come available : Spring is Coming I found the pattern well written and easy to execute and am thrilled with the results.

Like I said before, I used the left over yarn from this scarf that I knitted earlier this year using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable - Dragonfly. It is great to have a matching 'set'

I also finished another knit from the Testing pool. The pattern is available HERE - Puffed Rice.  It looks adorable and was a quick and easy knit.

Just see how cute the slight 'frilled' detail on the back looks! I'm looking forward to seeing my precious little friend wearing this one!

Aside from these projects I've also continued on the blanket that is my 'pick-up-whenever' project. It is becoming a 'presence' on my lap especially on row changes! Love the soft cuddly feel of the (Bernat Baby Blanket) yarn though!

I'll be casting on another test knit (mittens) tonight and hope to wrap up the gift scarf this week. Not much to go now.
I did get yarn for the flap top mittens I want to knit myself as well as a ball of sock yarn. I found a pattern in a library book for 'flip-flop' socks. You know the ones that look like foot mittens LOL. I'm thinking I might just try some of those, but we'll see when I get to casting on....


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Those fingerless mitts are gorgeous! Love the colours and the pattern. It's just getting to be perfect fingerless mitt weather here, so enjoy!

Lucy Bowen said...

Some gorgeous finishes - the mitts are lovely (I shall restate how much I love the colour!) and the baby jacket is just adorable.

Iris said...

Oooh, what gorgeous knits! I particularly love those fingerless mitts, they look lovely and cozy!