Thursday, March 5, 2015

Test Knit - A First

I'm not new to knitting (learnt before I ever saw the inside of a school) but I am new to 'test knitting', which simply means knitting a pattern on behalf of a designer to see if it works out well, is clear and easy to understand etc etc.
I was totally thrilled to do my first test over at Ravelry. I'm sure it may become ho-hum one day, but for now I enjoy the newness of it!
Anyhow I saw these beautiful finger less mittens pattern and I had just the yarn for them! The remnant of the scarf I knitted earlier this year. Pretty pleased I was to use this as well as end up with a mitten-and-scarf set.

Here they are all done :

I like the light cable running the length of the mitten. Also the cuff is ribbed, as is the last section over the fingers, making for a nice snug fit. Of course this yarn is just beautiful...and would you believe I still have some left over! I only used 45g  for this pair. (Which means I can get 2 pairs out of one ball of this Red Heart Unforgettable)

It is pretty hard to capture the gorgeous colours of this yarn... the picture below is more true to the colour.

The pattern is a design by  Yellow Mleczyk and is available at her Ravelry Store HERE. It is easy and quick to knit and I found the pattern very easy and clear to follow.

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