Monday, February 16, 2015

YOP - Week 07

I'm a little late in posting this (this is last week's update) but I just didn't feel like doing this on Sunday afternoon. The book I was reading was much to interesting to stop for a blog post ;-)

Good news is that the needles finally arrived (a couple days late, but that's ok! Patience is a virtue ;-) ) and I made a start on the blanket. It knits up really fast, but I'm not enjoying the thick needles (9mm) it feels awkward and clumsy and is definitely harder on the hands and wrists than thinner yarn. But it is a perfect project to pick up 'whenever' I like to have projects like that at hand.

I also got on with the job and almost finished the 'Feel Better Friends' doll. She just needs to have her hair done. Maybe later today...see  why she needs a stylist?
I gave her 'built in' knickers too.

I opted for embroidered eyes for this one. Safety eyes are also an option. She's having a nice lie on the soft blanket in my work basket :-)

All dressed up and ready for the finishing touches.

And so onwards into a new week we go! Thanks for stopping by!

Edited to add : I also finished this wall quilt (22 1/2" squarish) Although not on the YOP list, it took time this week :-)


Lucy Bowen said...

Love the colour of the blanket and the doll is so cute! said...

Glad to hear the needles eventually arrived and the doll looks sweet.

*~* Kim *~* said...

Your blanket looks so warm and squishy. Dollie turned out cute--I would like to do a bit more toy knitting but knitting them seems to be so fiddly.
Hope your week was great!