Friday, February 27, 2015

Snowflake - 3D Crochet

It's then end of the month and time to finish the next crocheted snowflake from Dimensional Snowflakes  I got this one started early in the month, but only finished it off this week. Maybe next month I'll get to it sooner and avoid the end-of-the-month-rush to get all the things done!

This flake is called White Majesty and it sure is a pretty one.

The 3 parts completed and still looking a bit wonky...

Pinned and starched with a glue & water mix. The 2 smaller ones are pinned at a 90 degree angle

It seems that 24 hours is a good time to leave them to dry and now they are ready for the next step.

I glue one side on, using Aleene's Tacky glue. It dries quickly, clear and remains flexible. Exactly what I need for this. a fabric glue would also work well I expect.

Once the one side is dry enough, I add the other side and perch the flake onto a 90 degree piece of wood.

Adding extra blocks to keep the pieces in the right places until the glue is dry.

And there it is, White Majesty is ready for a hanging thread

And here are the 2 flakes getting acquainted.  I still need to find a place to store these...

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