Saturday, January 31, 2015

Year of Projects Week 05

Well what can I say? Australian Open Tennis....aaaah perfect for knitting.

I was playing around with the completed 12 blocks for the afghan and I think I need more blocks. So we'll be going shopping me thinks ;-) As is it is 3' x 4' (36" x 48") not quite big enough. I do like the way it looks though.

With the tennis going I've made great strides with the shawl. The needles have not arrived. I checked the shipping info and realized that I've been in too much of a should be here next week LOL. I hope...or I may have to squeeeeeeeze all the stitches onto this one. Could get awkward, but I'm undaunted ;-)

And with the tennis finishing this weekend, I hope to start on the Feel Better Friend doll next week.

The afghan I swatched last week will definitely have to wait for the long circular needles though.


Lucy Bowen said...

I love the colour of that shawl and it looks so warm. The Afghan will look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I love how the blocks are looking! so many possibilities for arranging them, well done on the shawl progress and I hope your needles arrive soon.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Waiting for the mail is SO hard! I'm waiting for a sock club shipment and it's like having ants in my pants. SQUISH those stitches!!

Iris said...

Love the visual effect of the pattern of the afgan, and the shawl looks beautiful too!

Leyla Alieva said...

I love your afghan! What is the pattern?

Charne aka Meisie said...

Leyla the pattern is from "All Season Throws" that I picked up from Annie's
HTH! It is super easy and there is so much one can do with this design!

Sam I Am...... said...

It's amazing how you can arrange the same block to make so many different patterns. Quite a project too....pat yourself on the back for that one!
Your shawl yarn is so's going to amazing when you finish it!