Saturday, January 24, 2015

Year of Projects - Week 04

I managed to finish two more blocks for the afghan. I now have 12 completed, and not enough yarn to make more. As soon as the last two are dry (from blocking) I'll decide how to finish it, or whether I need to get more yarn and make 3 more blocks. Seeing as this project does not have a deadline, it's all good still ;-)

The box of yarn arrived! What a nice box of goodies to land on the doorstep! Look at the yummy colours!

There's yarn in there for a little something for me, yarn for an afghan and also the yarn for a Feeling Better Friend doll! I can finally make a start on my sample. If the organizers are happy with my prototype I'll be added to the list and be able to make dolls for kids.! Yahoooooo!

I swatched out the afghan yarn, here cozying nicely to my still in the making scarf. It is coming on but the long circular needles have not yet arrived, so I'm not knitting on that one with too much enthusiasm at this time.

This last week zipped by really's to another 7 days of clicking needles ;-)

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Anonymous said...

What a great box of yarn to arrive, lots of lovely colour yumminess. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on your afghan and I hope your needles arrive soon.