Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scrapbook-Elements is Closing

It is sad indeed...take the opportunity to stock up on some good stuff! Scrapbook-Elements Store

I cannot recommend everything by Rina Kroes enough. Once this store closes, her stuff will be gone for good. And that is a digi loss.

Kimberly Stewart will be moving to another store. More details on that as soon as I can tell, but her new store opens February 1st, so watch this space for new information!

Also take a look at some collabs that Rina and Kimmi did.

And finally you may want to take a look at Vicky Morrissey's store. She has some great vintage kits and vintage Christmas kits.

While the 'U Build It' category let's you make up your own kit. Of course with designers having moved on, the selection is not that big anymore, but while there is something by Rina and Kimmi, it is worth checking out!

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