Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Anybody who knows me knows I like snowmen and will not be surprised to know that when I 'stumbled' upon this stamp set it begged me to take it home. (I know I know...the thought of stumbling over a set of clear stamps sounds just ridiculous, maybe saying 'my head just whipped around when I walked past the shelf' may be more accurate!)

I got mine at Michaels, but also found it here at Joann. It really helps that they ship to Canada btw.

Build a Snowman

Beacuse I was building my own snowman, I was able to change the 'men' a little : This one has one taller 'man' as this recipient-friend is taller than me.

While this gal is pretty much my size (only has less 'snow' than me ;-) )

I coloured these with coloured pencils and added bits of glitter glue in places. In the end I think the silver stamped flakes did work better than the dark blue...maybe I'll try a lighter blue next time.

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