Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 48 - 2010

So this is the last few days of November. There is one more page full of goofy pictures of my birthday party - see me there in my dress-up clothes? I was a draughts (checkers) board and had a chess game in progress on my hat. My beautiful jewelery is all game pieces...ah yes, the last word in fashion for sure! And the rest of the friends looked equally grand. Won't be posting that page...all you'll have is a bunch of blurred out faces ;-0 No fun :D

For full credits please see HERE

Just adding finishing touches to the next pages...but now it is time for dinner first...and maybe I'll whip up a fruit (steamed) pudding for Christmas Eve dinner...hmmmmm.

I used this recipe...a winner every time!

Credits for the digi goodies used HERE

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