Saturday, October 31, 2009

Desktop Wallpaper/Calendar Anyone?

These sure make for neat looking desktops, although I must confess to having a solid black desktop myself....with a funny (Garfield) perched in the middle. The first thing I check online every day is the Garfield funny....puts a smile on my face. And the good ones end up on the desktop untill a funnier one comes along. (btw I get these via a 'Feed' on Yahoo)

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

BUT! since I know many folks like a wallpaper/calendar, I thought I'd give you the heads-up that the new one has been posted on Rina Kroes' Reluctant Recluse blog

Click on the linked image to go to the blogpost and download your freebie!

1 comment:

Lor said...

So pretty Charne! I have a basic grey desktop. Photoshop on my mac doesn't have a background so anything show through on my desktop so I don't get to have a purdy one :)