Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring is Coming!

I was very sure of that the last few days, but with the snow coming down today...well maybe soon, right? seriously, I do think we need one more good dump before spring will really be here with us.

In the meantime, I scrapped a picture I took of the crocus last March. Every year these little guys poke their faces through the old maple leaves littering the lawn (is it grass or lawn...hmmm it looks more like just 'grass' to me!). I caught this little in the act, even before the bloom was totally open.

Everything used for this LO can be found in Gypsy Couture's Red Carpet Grab Bag.
Maybe I'll do a snow picture LO next....

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

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Debbie said...

What a pretty photo and I love the layout you have made!