Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home Learning Memories

Pictures/previews for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

Doing this LO this week sure brought back a flood of memories!
Hubby wanted to know what those strange nonsense sentences was all about! LOL. Those are the kinds of sentences you make when you use candy hearts!
I used "Thumbody Loves You" by Cathy Krenek for this LO.

Naturally I have lots of home learning related pictures to scrap. I really enjoy doing them, even if they tend to end up being rather cluttered! There is always so much to 'tell'!

Here Tim is doing a Show-and-Tell with some friends on the discovery of a new solar system. He really got into this idea! I scan, whenever I can, pieces of the boys' actual work to add to their pages. They may never go back to look at their bound 'pages of knowledge' (ha!) but they will look at photo albums! The Valentine Day one above has Tim's bar graph in it (the amounts of different colours of candy in the box of M&M's) and the LO below has the ID information card as well as Tim's paragraph, from his exercise book, giving the basic information about this new system!

I used Kimberly Stewart's "Out of This World" for this and the next 2 pages.

Jonathan telling his friends all about the real Deep Space. Making the posters was a big job, but fortunately we found some discarded National Geographic magazines at the library with these amazing pictures!

and one of the boys, constructing a scale model of our solar system. Messy work, but I personally get a kick out of working with papier maché, and looking at this makes me want to make something....hmmmmm.

Here is one of Tim doing Science...
The goodies I used for this page (I love their quirkiness!) are all by Tracey Monette. Mostly the Quirky Street Page Set (for full credits, click on the image)

and more Science : After I had posted this to the online gallery, I realized that I didn't explain myself well, so I did make changes before actually printing this LO. This is not how topographical maps are made, but rather how they work. duh
The amazing papers for this is by Tracey Monette -Dinosaur Paper Pack- and the drawings of the dinos are also by Tracey. For full credits, click on the image!

And that is probably enough about learning for one day....
Later Gators!

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