Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Making Pictures : Jigsaw Puzzles

I like to make pictures. Now matter how I go about it. As long as I get to make pictures!

Jigsaw Puzzles has been one way for me to do that from a very young age. Being the youngest of 4 kids : by the time I came along there was already a few jigsaws knocking about the house so I just joined right in. Many a wonderful warm sunny afternoon was spent with the family, doing a puzzle around the table while listening to a radio broadcast of some or other rugby match. Wonderful memories of deep joy and real belonging. And whenever I was sick in bed, as soon as I was feeling better the first thing I would do is build a puzzle!

I've never lost my love for jigsaws even if I did not do that many while the boys were young. I simply did not see the need to struggle to keep very curious boys out of a box of fascinating little pieces of multicoloured cardboard! As soon as they got the 'no, don't touch that!' idea though, I was right back at it!

I still have jigsaws dating from the 1950's in my closet and I'll be sure to show you those one day, but for now let's jump right in where I am right now, with the one I completed a couple days ago -

I received it as a gift for Christmas last year. One of 2 Christmas gifts of jigsaw puzzles. Ha! My family knows me...

This is the first double sided puzzle in my collection and initially I thought 'hmmm...only 500 pieces. Shouldn't be too bad especially since the one side is glossy while the other side is more mat, so that telling them apart is easy.' Then I started to build it. Let's just say it is not as easy as it looks. Great fun though and a super challenge, especially as one gets used to all the little nuances in the colours.

Just after Christmas I build the glossy side...

But before I could take a picture...this happened...sigh...LOL

So last week I did the other side with the many small pots of plants.

Definitely a jigsaw to do again and again!

Here's a picture of the bottom of the box with all the details in case you are interested to hunt this one down.

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