Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Colouring - Dr Seuss

I enjoy colouring in all the books I have, but this is the only one that has me chuckling while doing so. It is a delight to study all these goofy characters up close as the pencil colours the shapes and details. One simply sees so much more than when you are just reading a story book.

We found this one at our local Costco, and decided to pick it up just because it is so goofy and it makes for cheap enough giggles.


This was the first page I tried, and soon enough realised that wet media and this paper and not good friends ... but the Crayola pencils play very nicely with the smooth white paper.

This took a really long time to do and the night sky was not quite what I had planned, but many chuckles later and it is still a fun, bright page.

Instead of just adding a load of colour on Horton's page, I decided to spill just a small amount of green onto the left page, with all the attention on Horton.

A landscape of quirky houses...

More pages to come sometime soon...

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