Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Colouring - Escape To Shakespeare's World

One more colouring book I treated myself to last year was 'Escape To Shakespeare's World' by Good Wives and Warriors.  

I really like the smaller size of these books and the paper takes wet media and softer pencils well.

I really notice more and more that I have a serious colour problem : unless I preselect and physically remove a selection of colours, I will end up using every colour in the box.


I used Inktense, Derwent Water Colour pencils, Neocolor pencils (water soluble), and Crayola pencils for all the images here. Crayolas work really well on this paper

I thought it would be nice to have the ROMEO look like it was carved stone, so I drew in some extra lines to get dimension and added cracks and dots for a stoney surface. I also added black ink in the background. I like how the black background makes the colours pop.

A seascape, especially if it has a boat/ship in...well that is always one of the first pictures I will colour. This is such a great drawing!

Now for the unicorn I had thought I would add greens, blues and purples in the background all gently flowing into one another. This is the basic base coat done...and then I liked it so much like this that I decided to leave it. I may still come back and add more colour if I feel like it at a later stage, but for now it's staying like this.

As with all the other books that I have, I have multiple pages on the go at all times it seems. I'll have more to post another time!

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