Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Colouring - Magical Jungle

Another one of Johanna Bashford's books - Magical Jungle is a great collection of images to colour.
The paper takes wet media well so I've been using the Inktense pencils, Derwent WC pencils and NeoColors quite extensively. 


Some areas in the double spread have pencil layered over the water media. I was concerned that the paper is too saturated to take more water media

This beautiful pattern is done with only pencils. I had thought of adding a background colour when I first started, but I think in the end the white is the best colour for that.

I like the paper in this book. It was the first one to be published using the paper developed specifically for her books. I like the weight of it, the way it takes the media I enjoy using and also the white that is not quite a bright white. It works well as a background colour.

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