Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pygmy Owl and Autumn Spice...

Recently a Pygmy Owl flew into one of the windows on the house. We got such a fright and were horrified to see the little one lying there, quite lifeless. Hubby picked it up and brought it indoors, hoping that the warmth of his hands and the house will help the little treasure revive.

He was right! Soon the little eyes started to flicker, and we moved outside quickly in case it should fly off. As it is it only sat for a short while before leaving, but long enough for me to take some pictures and for us to marvel at the beauty of God's creation.

Those eyes were like crystal clear glass. Totally mesmerizing! What an amazing experience.

To scrapbook these pictures I used Cathy Krenek's new 'Autumn Spice Kit'. At the writing this is available at Gingerscraps, but will be available at Cathy's GottaPixel store later in the year.

I also used one of the alphas for the page title.

And finally I have a freebie for you! An overlay featuring this 'delicious' new kit. Enjoy!

Download the freebie HERE

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful freebie Charne! Love the orange flowers against that rich brown background! :)