Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Flurry of Memories...

a snow flurry, that is!

I was looking for something in an as yet not unpacked box when I came across this pullover/jumper/sweater/jersey (depending on where you live an what you call such a garment!)

I bought the pattern book for it way back in 1994 (a magazine called 'Baby & Peuter' and published in Belguim) Yes, the date is right! 20 years ago!
This sweater is knitted in size 4 which means I would have knitted it in 1995/1996 as the wearer of said garment turned 4 in 1996!

Here's the back

It was worn quite a bit and the wool/yarn is deliciously soft!

He has such a cute face...

I love all the little details with the bright colours and seed stitches!

Needless to say, said wearer is now a young man...and so far I've only found one picture of him wearing this one. I hope I'll find more in my box of pictures-that-need-to-be-scanned one day!

That  brings back memories AND make my fingers itch to knit and knit and knit!

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