Thursday, November 20, 2014

Snowflakes ~ Ones That Last!

Every year I make snowflakes....several of them. Some times even lots of them. Yet my collection hardly grows. They make such great gifts you see. So easy to slip into a Christmas card, just as a little something extra.

Besides, that way I get to make some every year, without getting snowballed by a pile of snowflakes.


Yesterday I made this one that I found on Petals To Picots

It is such a pretty design...but ugh! Look at that yarn! All fluffy and yucky! It was the first ball my hand fell on, and while it is fine to work with I do NOT like the snowflake result!

I did what I usually do with the snowflakes :

Pin them out on cardboard (covered with wax paper) or some packing foam. Or as in this case a used foam plate. I then paint it with a mix of PVA glue and water. Almost half half, with the bigger half  (LOL) being glue. ~ That brush looks icky, but it is just a clean -retired- oil painting brush.

The yarn looked just fine then...but below you can see more of the fuzzies when I pulled it off. What I do like about the water & glue mixture is that although it stiffens the item so that it holds the shaped you pinned it into, it remains flexible and fairly soft to the touch.

Here is a comparison to one (of only two) of the flakes that remained from last year. See what I mean about the difference in yarn?

I do not like it. Not even a little bit. I shall have to remake this one. I LIKE the pattern! -and you can find it here-

 Hopefully tonight!

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