Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Skating Penguin Magnet

My little snowflake bearing penguins was looking pretty lonely all by itself on the fridge door. It was time to introduce a friend. You can read about him on the 'Cards' page, just scroll down a bit

I started with a file from 'Fun On The Ice' over at Designs On Cloud 9

After sorting the pieces out for cutting, I also cut a solid backing piece for the shape. I felt the skate blades and the ear muffs needed some support. Below is a screen shot of the tracing and the offset (shadow) in the Make The Cut software I gave it the tiniest white border all around as well. That was not strictly necessary but I thought it might look nice.

Next I laid out the pieces of card stock and paper on the cutting mat. I use a Silhouette Cameo.

All the pieces are cut, including the white backing piece and 2 pieces of Silhouette chipboard. This chipboard is card stock weight, hence the double layer to get a sturdy backing.

All chalked and ready to assemble. I painted the metal bits (ie skate blades) with metallic silver craft paint. The scarf and ear muffs are cut from patterned paper.

Putting it all together. Starting with layering the backer pieces.

And adding the coloured bits, following the image in the png file that came with the cut file download. You can see the little offset border all around the final image.

I popped the scarf up a bit to add dimension.

Added a couple of magnets...

....and my penguin magnet is done!

And the first little guy is no longer all alone...

These little guys make me smile. And I like things that makes me smile. What makes you smile?

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