Sunday, July 14, 2013

Two More Books To Go... least in this 'series' And then I will have covered the basics for my family in the 'early years' That means I'm currently working on my brother and my books. Both fun, and both very different from each other. For me I'm going for girly girl stuff, which I do enjoy looking at as long as I don't need to look girly girl myself...and then a boy book for the man my dear brother is now. I might be biased, saying that he is the bestest brother. He is also my only brother. Which is a good thing as no other brother could compete. Having said that I do have an amazing brother-in-law too.

Ha! Doubly blessed. That's me!

This last week I knuckled down a bit and did this LO of myself with a favourite toy. I wonder how many pages I've made with that kind of red background paper? Love that colour!

I used Kimmi Stewart's Raggedy Doll Mini.

Then for my brother's book I did this one. The picture was taken in a town (and spa resort) called Goudini in South Africa. And way before I was even a twinkle in my parents' eyes...
Kimmi came to my rescue with a 'boy' kit for this LO with her 'Fish On!' kit
 And I even had the chance to save the overlay and wrap it up for you. Strike while the iron is hot, one never knows when I'll have time for such fun things again!
Download the Freebie Overlay HERE
Have a great week!

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Claudia van Schie said...

thank you very much for the beautiful borders. I've downloaded of lot of them which you offered in the SBE-newsletters. I'm glad you are offering them again on your blog!

Really love them!

Love from Holland,
Claudia van Schie