Saturday, July 6, 2013

Holiday Feeling...

I'm not sure why I have a holiday feeling. I mean we did have Canada Day and Independance Day this week, but for us here it was full out work all week.
Maybe it was the muse, that came upon me last night, so that I changed things around on the blog a bit?

It could be that I have so much to do today, that it is easier to do something that was not on the list at all.
That is probably closer to the truth. Ha!

Whichever way, seven long months between freebies is simply too long, but here it is. A little overlay for you to break my 'bad habit' of freebie and posting neglect.

You can download the overlay freebie HERE
I used Hillbilly Bears Springtime Mini 3 by Kimberly Stewart for the overlay. It is available individualy or in a combo pack with 2 other Hillbilly kits
These are still on sale this weekend.
And now I really need to go clean my desk. How can I hope to get anything done if my desk is covered in 'under construction' bits and pieces?

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