Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yearbook - April 2011

I just got the second book for last year back from the printers. I divided the pages for last year into 2 books as it was going to be too big all crammed into one. I have all those extra pages you know ;-) and then there was a problem with the machine during the first print and all the tops of the pages were cut off ACK!
But now this last book is perfect, and I'm soooooo pleased with it! And to think that I am totally up-to-date with 2 full years in digiscrapping (got some years all completed in paper scrapping too :D) I tell you - that makes me happy! LOL

So here is April 2011 I used all goodies by Rina Kroes, click the LO for links to it all.

Now I'm trying to load your QP freebie to 4 Shared, but right now, it isn't loading...so I'll have to get back to you with that one asap.  ugh

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