Monday, July 19, 2010

A Lush Purrrrfection?

Corny, I know...but I wanted to use both new kit names there ;-)

Brand spankin' new in at the Scrapbook-Elements store (and on sale today still!) kits by 2 of my fave designers.

First Rina Kroes' Lush

and don't miss the matching Danglement Photo Photocluster!

and my page : ready for the photo book as soon as I get the details as to when this was (I'm guessing 1963/1964) and where it was. I'm the little one in the picture, so I do not remember that at all ;-)

You can find my LO in the gallery HERE

And then there is this super kit 'Purrfection' by Kimberly Stewart

and the LO is in the gallery HERE I made the beads and the brackets, using Kimberly's matching Photoshop Styles (see the gallery LO for more credits!)


Got a full day ahead...I'd better get going with it!

Have a great week everyone!

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