Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 14 - 2010

It was a hectic week! Funny how some days I have to take special pics for the day...and some days I have too many pics...which is why I added and extra pic on this week's page...that Junco having such an exuberant bath simply had to be recorded. It was soaked completely by the time it was done, and flew off to preen in a nearly bush (have I ever mentioned how much I like birds?)

For credits, please see HERE   Pictures/previews/links for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

I spent a whack of hours pulling pictures off disks and into folders so I can find them when I'm actually needing them. This next LO, started it all : I knew I had 2 pictures of myself sitting with dolls and animal 'dolls' in this particular spot in the garden. I finally found the elusive 2nd one on disk #3. ;-) I used items by Rina Kroes and Kimberly Stewart from the new 'U Build it' collection, called Floral Symphony, at Scrapbook-Elements.

The older UBI collections are still available, although slightly more expensive now, HERE

And then I've also started on the yearbook for 2008. I got the 2009 copies intended for family yesterday and am looking forward to hearing their comments when they finally get their copies!

Hopefully what I'm feeling is hayfever (so much pollen in the air), but I'm thinking it may be a cold slowly creeping up on long as I can keep making LO's...I'm on a roll and don' want to loose speed now! LOL

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