Monday, May 18, 2020

Puzzle Adventures

I referred in an earlier post for this year 'World Puzzle Days' to a jigsaw puzzle event I took part in at the beginning of the year. I learned about this event through a Facebook group called 'Puzzling Together'
'Puzzling Together' is a huge group of jigsaw puzzle makers and run several different 'events' every month. I thought it could be an interesting way to choose puzzles to do (otherwise I'm faced with wanting to do them all at the same time!) while at the same time getting the opportunity to see other puzzles, from around the world, that would have the same topic, theme, brand etc.
Starting in June 2020 we will be doing another alphabet challenge event. For 2 weeks at a time we will be doing puzzles that in some way meet the criteria set by moderators for that letter. We'll cover 2 letters per month.
So far I have puzzles lined up for this year's letters, and have not yet had to borrow one locally from a willing neighbour to help me out, but I expect that will happen at some point in time!

In the meantime though...between World Puzzle Days and June, I've participated in several 'events', plus I've simply puzzled because I have a puzzle and want to do the Scherenschnitt one, Ruby Geranium (this one fitted the 'colour name in the title' event criteria btw) and The Four Seasons - (that happened to fit the 'large piece count' piece event)

Starting in June I will be catching up on monthly jigsaw puzzling here on the blog at the end of the month with the letters of the alphabet completed during the month, as well as other puzzles I may have completed as I also 'play' along with a group that has a monthly puzzle theme.

But for this post, I  just recap other puzzles completed -

A beautiful Ravensburger that I traded locally - destined for an older friend who I know will enjoy doing this one!

A rather tricky one by Gallison - Window Seat. Reminded me of stained glass windows. This one was a Christmas was really pretty completed.

And then my first -really!- Van Haasteren by Jumbo - a quickie, but enjoyable!

Some many just cracks me up!

and a great way to sign and date his work!

A quick and very satisfying build - Sewing Notions by Cobble Hill

And a shaped 'Woodland Chickadees' by Bits & Pieces - reminds me of our neck of the woods...
this one was a tad too big for the regular foam core boards that I use, so I had to dig out the big made-for-me-by-hubby puzzle board.

Just a nice sweet illustration with lovely little details

And that would be enough pictures for this post...the next installment is coming soon!
Stay tuned...

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