Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Puzzle Adventures - Part 2

Continuing this years puzzle adventure images...

A puzzle I was given back in 2004 -a quick one to do, even if pieces fitting in more than one spot make it a bit more complicated than it surely needs to be!

And another Van Haasteren- The Prison Escape- by Jumbo. This time I tackled and enjoyed! a1000 piece one. 'Son' helped me find who goes where. He enjoys doing that and it is always fun to puzzle with a friend!

And of course a couple of details!

Canoe Lake - Cobble Hill- another quick fix build. Lovely scene and a local trade. I expect I'll do this one a few times before it goes back into the 'trading pot'!

Some time last year I decided to try the Dollar Store puzzles to see what the quality is like. My idea was to take it with me when travelling...well that did not happen this I figured I'd see what it is like anyway.
The quality was better than I expected,but not what I would call 'good', however I think it is feasible for a travelling diversion. No problem if a piece gets lost, no hassle if there is no room in the suitcase to bring it back.  KWIM?

Now here is a novel one for me. I have never seen one like it, so that I had to give it a try when it came up for sale locally at a couple of bucks.It was ok, but not a particular favourite of mine. The quality of the pieces was also not the best...

Some of the pieces can be removed to reveal a 'lace edge' No point in trying to do the border on this one first. Best to just jump right in!

Teapots - Cobble Hill - another great build and excellent quality as always. This one was marked on the box as having a piece missing, but I was very happy indeed to find that it was complete after all! YAY!

And finally for this installment - a quick underwater excursion. A puzzle that looks old and possibly drab, but delivers a nice puzzling time and a lovely colourful image. I traded this one for one of mine that was also missing a piece!

This one has some really quirky pieces and many bits simply slide together, they do not interlock. A bit annoying, but doing it on the foam core board meant that I could easily slide bits into place. Good thing it -only just!- fitted the board.

And that is it for Part 2...looks like I will be doing a Part 3 before June is upon us. Until then...happy puzzling!

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