Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This is a Gloop

A Spotted Bellied Gloop to be more precise.

I got it from the 'Curiosity' Cut set over at Lettering Delights. (affiliate link) And I liked the colours so much, I stayed pretty true to them.

I've had this set for a long time, and every time I see it, it begged to be made into a 'hello' or 'hi friend' card. 

I'm glad I finally have Gloops on the desk...

Do you see the reflection on the glasses of the Gloop on the right? I put acetate behind the frames to help my Gloops see better. No pretend glasses around here, no way...

And here is that cute goofy face up close. I wonder how many different types of Gloops (or is it Gloopi?) there are...hmmm

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