Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sea Breeze Cowl

Hopped on at Michaels last week to take a look at the new Caron Cakes yarn...and i liked what I saw. There was quite a few holes on the shelves, so I did not manage to get all the colours I had hoped to get, but I am still very pleased with these lovely cakes that are staying in my place for now.
I started crocheting a cowl straight away. This lovely looking 'Glacier Cowl' caught my attention. I found the link to it on Ravelry HERE. It is super quick to work up and although I was a little skeptical as to how much I would like it, I think it is a winner for sure. The pattern uses exactly one cake of yarn. I did use a slightly smaller hook (6mm) and did not quite manage to finish the last round, but fortunately that does not matter (is not visible)

The brown and lime green colours are a bit of a surprise and I would have liked the yarn without that, BUT I do think it adds a pop to the finished cowl that is very pleasing.

I shall have to find a model to wear this for me so I can add a picture for you to see just how pretty it looks!

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