Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3 D Snowflake - Totally Regal

I started crocheting a collection of 12 3D snowflakes back in January of 2015. My plan was to make one snowflake a month finishing up the collection in December. All went well with the plan, till the end of May. At that point there was just too much else happening in my life and I was not able to keep it up. Family concerns were more important and I took time to adjust priorities.

It's with pleasure that I returned to my 3D snowflakes this week! I'm using patterns from this book - Dimensional Snowflakes - that I bought from Annie's Craft Store

So here is the 6th snowflake in the collection : "Totally Regal"

The dimension is more visible here -

I perch the flake onto wooden blocks when gluing the 3 pieces together. I find it much more convenient than trying to hold it in my hand. Here is the first snowflake's post, showing how I starch and shape these beauties.

It's good to get back on track with these and I hope I can wrap this collection up this season. I was thinking how pretty the parts of these flakes will be for making 'flat' flakes too. hmmm...

Now I need to find more or larger storage for my collection, as the current holder is full. What a delightful 'problem' to have!

Happy autumn to all of you!

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