Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's a Pencil, It's a Box...It is FUN!

OK I must have been somewhere under a rock, as I was unaware of the existence of My Scrap Chick. What a fun store, full of fun designs!

But when I saw this project - I fell in love. Just like that. Pencil Box 3D

Well now really...who would not like such a fun box or decor item? I know I do. Yes please, just give me a shelf full!


Now as an artist and one who works mostly in coloured pencil, well the graphite pencil is really nice, but I decided to turn it into a coloured pencil. The original pattern makes a finished pencil of 12.25" tall

Actually...a few coloured pencils... ps all the pieces in the back are done with coloured pencils. The florals not by me, but all the rest of them are prints of my work. The originals having been sold, I'm 'reduced' to having prints of them on my walls. Ha! If you'd like to see more take a look at my art blog here : Reflections Fine Art Studio. (I working on a website)

A few process pictures for you :

The body of the pencil, scored on a score board, rather than with the Cameo.

The pencil 'lead' ready for a quick bit of inking before attaching it to the 'wood' cone

 The 'wood' cone with the 'sharpener' details attached

And the detail pieces glued onto the surface of the cone - now I can add the coloured nib.

Instead of adding the pink eraser and metal strip details that the original pattern has, I added this wooden base with the coloured core so it will look like a coloured pencil.

Now I am ready to draw...or maybe not, the colour doesn't work with this piece I'm currently working on...

But they might have worked with this colouring book page. Ha!
The page is from the 'Medieval Tapestries' colouring book published by Dover. I copied and enlarged it to make a decor item for my craft area. Maybe I should arrange the pencils around it on the wall...oh the possibilities with these fun pencils are ENDLESS!

I made these all as boxes so they may be used for decor, or they may become containers. They would make the BEST gift boxes. Imagine : a colouring book and a pencil box full of pencils! Great gift, don't you think?

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