Sunday, May 3, 2015

Year Of Projects - April

Well I was doing the weekly posting for YOP, but that just seemed unnecessarily tedious to me, so I decided, after 3 months, to change over to a once-a-month update. Besides, some days/weeks I don't get much done anyway LOL

And then this month was busy with other important family 'things'. I hope May will be 'better'

During the month of April I...

Started adding a single 'log' of light around the blocks on the afghan. By April 10th I had run out of yarn (with 7 blocks done)

I finally got more yarn (after finding empty shelves on one occasion! Ugh.) But by the end of April I had gotten this far with those lighter strips. 4 more blocks need a single light coloured 'log' each still, then I can join them and start on the border. Slightly blurry picture...hmmmm.

and while there was tennis to watch (Miami Open) I knitted a scarf from an 'odd' ball of yarn I had hanging around. This will make a fine gift I think! This is the 'Quilted Lattice Ascot'  This knits up super quick though...not nearly enough for the tennis LOL

The light washed this picture out a bit, but I do like the details of the stitches!

I also finally boxed up the gift scarf:

And did make the 3D Snowflake for the month Prince Charming 

I wonder why I suddenly have blurry pictures? I'm not happy about that!

So let me recap my list :

My Year Of Projects  To Do list
My list is very flexible I’m ‘afraid’ I’m forever changing my mind mid-stride ;)

  • I would like to finish the afghan started early in December (that's the one featured above) Coming along with 12 blocks done. 12-15 for the final count with some borders also to be added. This will take  while yet, as I need more yarn to make more blocks. I got more yarn and the afghan is 'growing' once more.
  • I want to knit 2 pairs of socks -yarn bought for first pair, just need to decide on pattern. Decided on the pattern, was waiting for the new reading glasses. These finally arrived yesterday, so maybe I can finally make a start on these!
  • At least 3 pairs of flip-top mittens (2 will be gifts) I changed this to 2 pairs of mittens and one scarf (which is crocheted and I have finished it - needs to be blocked), Yarn bought for the first pair of flip tops (yay)
  • Completed 4 pairs of fingerless mittens (all test knits)
  • Set of 12 3D snowflakes, from the book 'Dimensional Snowflakes' Making them 1 per month at least. (4 done)
  • Smile project (mystery ;-) ) hoping the new pattern will work! - haven't tried the new pattern yet.


Lucy Bowen said...

Your photos don't look blurry on my monitor. Love the snowflake and your scarves look gorgeous.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

That snowflake is super cool, but it looks tremendously fiddly! How do you stiffen it so it holds its shape?

I like the light colour log on the squares; it contrasts nicely with the others. Sounds like this is humming along now!

Becki said...

I found you on Ravelry and this is my first time visiting your blog. I love everything pictured. And the log cabin blanket really sings with the light frame around each square.

Christine said...

I really like that blue ascot cowl/scarf.... Nice job!

Charne aka Meisie said...

I give a more detail in this post about how I stiffen these snowflakes. They aren't really neither as difficult nor as fiddly as they look, btw ;-)

Erin Grant said...

I love everything!! OMG that blue cowl!! <3 great idea about the monthly updates :)