Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Family Heirloom

This picture featuring my Great grandparents is particularly special. My sister and a distant cousin calculated that this picture was taken in December of 1892, which means that Great Grandma is carrying my Grandma (who was born the following February) Yup, that ‘bump’ is Grandma. Isn't that amazing?
My cousin is writing a series of books on some of the women in my family, all named ‘Sophia Charlotte’ and since she knows our history pretty well, I’m sure they are right about their conclusion. Pretty neat stuff!


I used the “Artless Collection” by Lonetta Avelar for this page in my family history album. Gorgeous stuff!

I turned my page into a Quick Page for you. Get the freebie HERE. Sorry for the mistake on the preview! The collection/kit is called Artless not Artful *blush*



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